Gateway2AIM is a service available to business owners looking to explore the potential for a UK Listing on public markets.

Webb 360 will  help manage the complete transaction including the appraisal and structuring of the opportunity, selection and appointment of all key advisers and test marketing to selective investors.

The goal is to take the fear and mystery out of the process giving entrepreneurs the confidence to join public markets and enjoy the benefits thereof.

Here are some of the key reasons why a business owner might want to list their company on AIM:-

  • Enhanced profile amongst competitors, customers and suppliers;
  • To realise part of their investment and/or raise capital for future expansion;
  • To be able to incentivise key management and staff via the issue of share options that are liquid and freely tradeable;
  • Potential access to cheaper funding;
  • To access the wide range of expertise available from advisers and investors in this specialist market.
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At Webb 360 the benefit of significant investment experience is that our team totally understand what the investor is looking for when considering an investment at IPO. The goal of this service is to dramatically improve the ease and understanding with which business owners can make the important step from private to public markets.

The service does not have to stop on a successful IPO but can be tailored to continue in a supportive role beyond then.