Fund Management

Fund Management

Peter has been a professional investor in public markets for more than 30 years and today keeps a close eye on markets as consultant Investment Manager to the Elite Webb Capital Smaller Companies Income and Growth Fund (“The Elite Fund“).

The Elite Fund is a specialist fund investing in companies listed on public markets and primarily with market values below £1 billion;

Investment focus is predominately on growth albeit a value judgement is always applied to ensure that Peter never knowingly overpays for a share of a business;

The Fund’s objectives are to achieve long term capital gains for unit holders without taking unnecessary risk or the need for short term trading;

Peter’s investment style is passive with a strong focus on good business fundamentals;

Companies in which the Fund invests will in the majority of cases be paying dividends at the point of purchase;

Peter is a strong advocate of remaining focused when investing and therefore limits the number of companies in the Fund to avoid the potential for unnecessary diversification.